About Us

 Beginning with a bangle.

Jaz started over 20 years ago when unemployed Jamie made unwell Megan a copper bangle for her Rheumatoid Arthritis. Soooo many comments and requests for others to be made in silver brought about the beginning of Jaz Creations. 

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Fast forward 10 years and supply is not keeping up with demand.

Jamie travelled to China, trying to source a manufacturer for our jewellery but instead, discovered the world of importing. And we grew from there. We started importing giftware for our shop, then we had people wanting to learn how to import and started doing buying trips.  

Jamie and Megan, original creators of the Jaz Bangle


Married for 25 years in 2017, 3 grown kids and at a point in life where we can diversify. Jamie is creating art and Megan is importing from China. Parts of our handmade business are being phased out as we move towards our long term importing goals.


Jamie's Passion

Megan's Passion


Meet Jessica, third child to Jamie and Megan. Gifted with Artistic talent from her Dad and her love of Math from her Mum, Jes is studying a degree in Math and building on her Art Portfolio. Jes loves to write and create art. Founder of Studio Zone.

Studio Zone