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Personalised Ready for School Kit.


The perfect, unique, personalised gift for the clever 4 year old! Personalised Handwriting Kit… take it anywhere… perfect for building confidence and school readiness skills.

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The complete kit for the busy 'preschooler'!

Our personalised ready for school handwriting kit is the perfect kit for the busy ‘preschooler’!
This learning resource contains everything a child needs to start school with confidence! 
Includes Handwriting practise for:
-3 Practise Sheets to learn to write your name.
-Lines and Shapes
– a-z Lowercase
– A-Z Uppercase
– Numbers 1-20
In addition to this, each page is laminated so your child can practise as often as they like.

Kit includes

7 laminated, re-usable sheets, 1 pen, wipe-out cloth and reward stickers.

Laminated personalised first name page Step 1 practise sheet (single sided)

This page is one of three practise sheets designed to encourage your child to write their first name. Step 1 shows a traceable version of your child’s name paired with a completed sample of their name. To enhance this, every letter will contain a starting point and directional guide. Hence, your child will learn the correct formation of each letter.

As a result, your child’s confidence will grow as they enjoy practising repeatedly with the laminated sheet.

Laminated personalised first name page Step 2 practise sheet (single sided)

Step 2 provides a completed sample of your child’s name and a dotted outline for your child to trace. This Step has no guide for the correct formation of the letters as this skill will be practised and mastered in Step 1. For this reason, you will see real progress over time as your child practises.

Laminated personalised first name page Step 3 practise sheet (single sided)

Step 3 confirms for your child that “I Can Write My Name.” A blank space is provided for every letter of their name. Each space is  filled using the provided whiteboard marker. Your child will impress you with their  confidence as they write their name independently!

Laminated lines and shapes​ practisce sheet (double sided)

The very first step for writing is to hold that pen and be able to guide it across the page from left to right. This double sided resource allows the child to trace the dotted lines and to create 3 common shapes. Ultimately a fun activity for your child’s first writing experience.

Laminated A-Z uppercase and lowercase practise sheets (double sided)

We provide handwriting practise for any child. Whether you are only just starting “Big School” or need to practise the skill of handwriting, this kit is for you! This is the ideal resource to learn the difference between upper-case and lower-case letters. Starting points and guiding arrows show the correct formation of each letter. Because the sheets are  laminated your child’s confidence will grow each time they practise.

Laminated numbers 1 - 20 practise sheet (double sided)

Use this fabulous resource to practise the correct formation of numbers. Gain the ability to identify numbers with confidence. Also, use your imagination and make up a numbers game using this versatile resource.

3 Steps to Learn to Write Your Name

Equally important, whatever your situation may be, Treehouse advice is to support your child as much as you can to ensure their first year at school is as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. This first experience of ‘learning’ in the traditional school environment can have a long term effect on their future attitude towards learning… so let’s help make it a positive one! 


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