Banner Aliens M41a Rifle
The original props were based on sketches by Aliens director James Cameron and built by British film armorers Bapty & Co. These sketches consisted of an M1A1 Thompson and a cut-down Remington 870 as the grenade launcher, which was mounted underneath the Thompson’s barrel. This was covered with the forend and heatshield of a Franchi SPAS-12 fitted the 870’s action. The Gun was then finished with a futuristic, custom-made aluminum shell painted in “Brown Bess” paint (although due to on-set lighting, they often appear olive green in Aliens). Several were capable of firing blanks although only one “hero” prop had a functioning shotgun unit.

Cast aluminum Terminator Arm this is the right arm that has been made from the broken parts of the original poly-stone one the left arm is still under construction…. I hope for this to be the start of what will eventually be the whole Endoskeleton.